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Tanawha Adventures grew out of a desire to give back to the very land and trails so many of us enjoy.  Our goal is to Run. Inspire. Conserve.  Our hope is that our participants become inspired by the scenic beauty surrounding them and join us in efforts to conserve and protect our wild lands and trails.  We accomplish this by designing beautiful courses, partnering with local conservation and advocacy groups, and allocating a substantial percentage of our profits to the cause. 

Tanawha Adventures was created in 2016 by Brandon Thrower, a passionate  lover of trails and public land.  After gaining experience in directing ultra marathon races over many years, Brandon saw a great opportunity to make a greater impact in the area of funding for conservation efforts.  What better way to create more advocates for public land and recreation by creating events that put people in the places most needed of conservation.  We hope that you leave our events inspired to stand up and make a difference and know that your support of our events leaves a lasting impact on the protection of our trails and wild lands.



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South Mountains


January TBD,


Fonta Flora 50k

& Half Marathon

October 29th-30th


7 Sisters


April 16th,




August 20th,


Table rock ultras

50k & 30k

 September 17th,


Looking Glass

50 Miler

TBD 2023



Well organized professionals put on these races! If you want an epic adventure and know that the behind the scenes stuff is taken care of then sign up for a Tanawha Adventure!
Do you like steep trails, rugged, technical courses, exceptional mountain views, and the ultimate sense of accomplishment? Race with Tanawha Adventures, you won't be disappointed!
I have competed in over one hundred events and Tanawha Adventures ranks among the best organizers in the business. Very well organized events with a great atmosphere!

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